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We are passionate about providing legal advice on how to plan for the future. We help you organize your estate so your family can focus on grieving after the loss of a loved one instead of worrying about the legal process.

We Focus on the Following Areas of Practice
Wills, Trusts, & Guardianship
Estate Planning & Probate
Car Accident
Immigration Law
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    We are proud to serve the communities of
    Montgomery County and Walker County.

    Read Our Client Reviews
    Olimpia is a very professional attorney who helped me with my divorce, she is thorough with her work and answered all my questions that I may have. I will recommend her to anyone who may have a similar situation such as I did. Thank you Olimpia for your work on handling my case.

    Olimpia is a very professional lawyer. From the very beginning she answered to all our questions (many, believe me). Flexible and hardworking. She really cares about you. She was more than a lawyer for us. The price? No one would have done it for the price we paid.  We thank you again, Olimpia! Blessings!

    Olimpia was straightforward, honest and I had confidence in her.She was very proactive in working to expedite my case and I truly appreciate that it didn’t have to drag on for a long time.Everybody knows how long can be an divorce, right? I can’t recommend her highly enough.

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